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Community Volunteer Council

1642 W Market St
Warren,  OH 44485-2747

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Community Volunteer Council

The Community Volunteer Council distributes food and clothing to low-income residents of Trumbull County. Food is purchased from the Second Harvest Food Bank. Families or individuals who wish to have access to this food must sign up with the Council each year and must demonstrate a need for the Council’s support. Each month the Council members and volunteers meet to prepackage the bags of groceries to enable efficient distribution. Every third Friday of the month, families are provided with one bag of food, and names are cross-referenced with other organizations that provide similar services, such as the Salvation Army, to prevent abuse of the system.

Clothing and other items, such as appliances and furniture, are donated to the council by members of the community. Every week, the CVC holds clothing drives open to all their clients. Both the quantities and descriptions of the items given away are noted by the council volunteers providing a clear and detailed record of their services. Out of season clothing is stored in a large unit at the back of the property. Each year, a client may take home one large appliance, such as a re9frigerator or a stove.

"Willing and Ready to Serve"

The Community Volunteer Council (CVC) was organized in, September 1979 by Sadie Parks. Parks recognized a need for a strong group that would consist of members of all the churches in the community, both city and county. Since then, CVC has been devoted to helping the low-income families of Trumbull County for 32 years.

The Community Volunteer Council has spent the last 32-years helping countless families with unwavering dedication and compassion. Despite struggles in the past with lack of funds or insufficient manpower, the Council remains both an inspiration to the community as well as a beacon of hope for those in need.

Members are involved in volunteer services with the hospitals, Red Cross, Mobile Meals, nursing homes, Scope, Home Care, Contact Transportation, Rebecca Williams Community Center, Children’s Services, the Warren Trumbull Community Service Agency, the Tr

The Mission of Community Volunteer Council is to volunteer services in our community; to be informed of and to inform the public of existing agencies and the services they offer, and to educate persons of their rights as residents in the State of Ohio, Tr

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Founded: 1979

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